Stickers brand the black recycled paper bags at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Lush native plant promo postcards ~ with a blank area on the back so they could be used and therefore create awareness of NPP
Postcard fronts with graphic macro photography
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show exhibition stand ~ a megawall with impact, beauty & brand awareness all in one
A-frames ~ Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Plant tags ~ currently 100+ varieties (many of them hard to propagate)
POS ~ Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show
Growing guides which are sent out with each delivery of plants
Enviro friendly tape featuring a repeat pattern of the logo ~ useful to tape up boxes & create a branded package
View the NPP website here. Content Q StrategiesWebsite build Adrian Karnowski.
Homepage colourways work with hero images & banner marketing to direct customers to the e-nursery
Responsive design for mobile
Article landing pages gives a taster for each story
Article template layout & styles design
e-nursery ~ home
e-nursery ~ product page
e-newsletter – content by Q Strategies
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