Chutts /  a new eyewear and sunglasses brand inspired by the radical, independent, effortless style of countercultures past and present. Case Study coming soon.
Tassel & Twine /  A sustainable homewares brand with products made and designed with artisans in India. The brand symbol uses a the idea of a traditional mandala with the core principles of the brand incorporated - handcrafted, collaboration & helping communities. View the full case study here
The Good News /  news you actually want to hear, logo by Pauline Mosley and a platform brought to you by the good folks at Enthral
Beauty Bliss /  a new brand to reflect its positioning as a specialised skin boutique. The typographic BB butterfly is symbolic of the transformation to beautiful skin. Full case study here
QBID (Quality Brands International Direct) /  Building Australian brands via e-commerce in fast-growing foreign speaking international markets such as China
Reddendale Media /  'Social Media marketing for no bullshit people', brought to you by 'Head Red' Catharine Redden, creating social media hotspots and organic reach for her clients
Zjoosh Your Socials /  The social media training arm and facebook group by Reddendale Media, helping 'Zjooshers' join the dots with their social media to 'Get out of the weeds and start getting leads'.
Q Strategies / A boutique marketing communications consultancy. The idea was based on the knowledge that the consultancy’s work gets people talking. View the full case study here
DOCK18 / Taking inspiration from the Docklands setting on the marina and circular interior details, a logo was created with a nautical feel for the restaurant at The Four Points Hotel by Sheraton.
Easy Choice /  new name and identity for an existing business who help thousands of Australians save on their energy, phone & internet bills
Merlo /  Logo for a stylish British-designed wallet range. The wallets are paired with cutting edge technology inside for use with contactless card payments. The 'O' gives a graphic impression of the wallet & a scanner.
MDL (Mineral Deposits Ltd) / A mineral sands mining company. The brand symbol was a natural progression after teasing out their 3-year strategy MINE > INTEGRATE > TRANSFORM. It visually shows the integration of their Senegalese & Norwegian assets and is a nod to the processes involved in filtering the minerals from the sand.
Diageo Brandstore /  The internal staff shop at Diageo HQ provides an opportunity to showcase products to staff. View the full case study here. Completed while working at Ellipsis.
Nixon Tulloch Fortey /  Three architects in one company. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Flipit /  The first folding chair in the world you can open or close instantly with one movement using one hand. View the full case study here. Completed while working at Direct Design.
52 Collins Street Melbourne (Australia) /  The logo graphically represents the architect’s modern vision for the newly renovated foyer. Completed while working at R-Co.
Castlerock /  A solid & reliable property management company. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Keypoint /  Functionality foremost for an industrial estate in Melbourne's outer suburbs. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Lucé Bella /  A European feel for an in-house lighting range which means ‘beautiful light’ in Italian. Completed while working at R-Co.
North East Water /  Concept for a water authority in Melbourne's North East (Australia). Completed while working at Milo&Co.
Barnes packaging identities /  Sculpt it, cast it, mould it, finish it – a range of graphic logotypes for a supplier of materials for jewellery, model making and creative projects.
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