Merlo /  Logo for a stylish British-designed wallet range. The wallets are paired with cutting edge technology inside for use with contactless card payments. The 'O' gives a graphic impression of the wallet & a scanner.
Tassel & Twine /  A sustainable homewares brand with products made and designed with artisans in India. The brand symbol uses a the idea of a traditional mandala with the core values of the brand incorporated - handcrafted, collaboration & helping communities through the thread of textiles. 
Q Strategies / A boutique marketing communications consultancy. The idea was based on the knowledge that the consultancy’s work gets people talking.
QBID (Quality Brands International Direct) /  Building Australian brands via e-commerce in fast-growing foreign speaking international markets such as China.
MDL (Mineral Deposits Ltd) / A mineral sands mining company. The brand symbol was a natural progression after teasing out their 3-year strategy MINE > INTEGRATE > TRANSFORM. It visually shows the integration of their Senegalese & Norwegian assets and is a nod to the processes involved in filtering the minerals from the sand.
Ultum /  An Australian property management company that's values revolve around partnering with their clients. Completed while working at RLD.
Nixon Tulloch Fortey /  Three architects in one company. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Castlerock /  A solid & reliable property management company. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Diageo Brandstore /  The internal staff shop at Diageo HQ provides an opportunity to showcase products to staff. Completed while working at Ellipsis.
Premier Capital Developments /  A property development company specialising in commercial office space. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
North East Water /  Concept for a water authority in Melbourne's North East (Australia). Completed while working at Milo&Co.
Flipit /  The first folding chair in the world you can open or close instantly with one movement using one hand. Completed while working at Direct Design.
Mint Tours /  A niche snow tour company.
Keypoint /  Functionality foremost for an industrial estate in Melbourne's outer suburbs. Completed while working at Hayman Design.
Lucé Bella /  A European feel for an in-house lighting range which means ‘beautiful light’ in Italian. Completed while working at R-Co.
52 Collins Street Melbourne (Australia) /  The logo graphically represents the architect’s modern vision for the newly renovated foyer. Completed while working at R-Co.
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