View the latest 2023 Annual Report Sustainability Report
Annual Report 2019, cover & spreads, view the full report here
About Medibank organisational diagram 2019 ~ Getting complex information designed into an easy to understand visual can be an important tool to help stakeholders, employees & customers understand a multifaceted business. This one for Medibank reflects their clean graphic style, iconography & colour palette in a ‘wheel’ shape. All the elements work towards and around their central purpose (vision) ‘Better Health for Better Lives’.
Annual Report 2019, Business Snapshot ~ with fresh clean infographics
Business Snapshot 2019 for PPT
Gif & Video graphics for the Medibank Newsroom full year results release 2019
ASX Media Release, full year results 2019 ~ design & template
Internal signage ~ Medibank Nurse (also used as photographic backdrop)
Internal signage ~ Genius Bar (also used as photographic backdrop)
Medibank Newsroom Skin Cancer feature graphics. Full article here
Medibank Newsroom heart health feature graphics. Full article here
Art direction ~ Annual Report 2019. Photography Chris Kapa
Annual Report 2018, Cover & front section, concept & design, financials design direction. View the full report here
Annual Review 2017 ~ A5 Concertina
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